Individual Counseling

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Individuals seek out counseling for many reasons. Therapy can help you to remove the barriers that are standing in the way of being happy...

Marriage and Couples Counseling

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Are you and your partner facing some significant issues in your relationship? Do they seem too important to wait to address? Does it feel like if you don’t get some help quickly, it will be too late?

Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage & Still Birth), Infertility, and Adoption Counseling

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As the former State Director for the National Stillbirth Society, I understand how important counseling is to the healing process. Counseling can help with the traumatic experience of pregnancy loss or Infertility...

Family Counseling

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Family counseling works to strengthen the family unit through utilizing the inherent strength of the relationships to resolve conflicts impacting the family’s level of functioning and help them to assume individual responsibility for the problems. Individuals and their families who are experiencing a wide range of issues including depression, substance abuse and relationship problems can benefit from a family therapy approach...

Pre-Marriage Counseling

A wedding bride and groom holding hands

I love helping a couple get their marriage started off on the right path! Wedding planning can be hectic, but we know that the time before you get married is a strategic point to get to know your partner more deeply and make sure that you have the right tools in your toolbox for your marriage...

Child and Parent Therapy

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Raising children can be both incredibly challenging and extremely rewarding. Unlike prior generations, families today are scattered across the globe...

Teens and Tweens (Age 11-17)

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Counseling can help you and your teen weather the challenges of this vulnerable time, and prompt help is often the key...

Emotional Support Pets

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